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We caught up with one of the creators of English Bubble, Rob Hanley, to get some inside information on the site…

So, tell us a bit about English Bubble…

English Bubble is a newish website, which, while not conquering the world just yet, is moving well and features some useful activities for learners (and teachers looking for a handy fix), including these:

  • browse through an extensive catalogue of music (both good and popular) , presented as lessons
  • take guides from classic or current film and TV clips
  • watch videos, read news articles, listen to interviews
  • learn from our original tutorial videos
  • participate, in our live classes and daily quizzes and chats
  • do our challenges and be corrected
  • network through Facebook and Tuenti in a non-time wasting way, learning while they’re at it.
  • search our grammar and vocabulary databases for specific learning

We have also developed a format where teacher’s can do our “challenge” with their students and we will correct the answers when you send them to [email protected] and publish your class’s score.¬† (Rumours that we also wipe the corners of teachers’ mouths after they’ve eaten are as of yet untrue)

And what about the innovative team behind the site?

The creators of English Bubble are Robert Hanley, originally Irish, and Danny Smits, of disreputable background.
Robert has been a teacher in Spain for the past number of years, and gave up a fledgling acting career that was threatening to make waves in Hollywood to focus on English Bubble; while Danny, with whom he met while corrupting the minds of innocent university students in the north of Spain, currently lives in a basement with his laptop, where he cuts his fingernails only occasionally.

Finally, if you were trapped in a bubble and could only take three luxury items with you, what would they be?

Trapped in a bubble, of the Non-English variety, we would need:
: if not a latop, a constant youtube stream, to observe the continued degradation of humanity, to which we strive to contribute.
: a lifetime packet of Riskettos, for both sustenance and finger-licking amusement.
: A diary, titled “Deep thoughts and new ideas”, which would be gradually filled page to page of flick cartoons of cowboys getting stabbed.

They’re always looking for participation and feedback, as well as new ideas, and soon will feature a mailing list to pester you more frequently, but if you would like to get in touch with them now, please send a signal to
[email protected]

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